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Under 13 Div 4 (2) vs Narangba (6)

Not the result we wanted for our last game of the season, but plenty of positive aspects to take into the Summer 6's with us.
Great man of the match performance from Owen today, probably the best game all season, a shame that we didn't see one of his trademark left foot screamers find t's way into the back of the net.
Well done to goal scorers Aiden and Original Shaun, great support play from Sam and Josh too.
Well done on a great season boys, I'm very proud to call myself your coach. 

Under 13 Div 4 (0) vs Albany Creek (1)

A very impressive performance from the team today saw them come very close to getting a result. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Late in the first half we gave away a penalty inside our goal box, despite getting a hand to the ball in a diving save Harvey wasn't able to keep the ball from hitting the back of the net. Thanks to another brilliant keeping effort by Harvey they didn't score again. Despite several attempts our forwards just couldn't convert. Our man of the match today Coen, came closest of all to scoring, sending a high floating shot towards the opposition goal which just sailed over the cross bar. Coen's performance today was outstanding, he was everywhere and played brilliantly. Well done mate on what was a truly spectacular game.
Well done to all the team for another gutsy effort.

Under 13 Div 4 (0) vs The Gap (10)

Not too much went right for us in the first half, going into half time down 7 - 0.
A change of keeper saw a man of the match performance from Harvey, managing to keep the out all bar 3 of the many shots on goal in the second half. A sensational keeping performance helped keep the score down (within reason)
With no reserves the team was really under pressure the entire game, as has been the case all year, not one player dropped their head or gave up, well done boys.
Things could have been worse had it not been for our U12/5 fill in player Nick Wanmer. Nick played the best game he's played for us all year and allowed us to field a full 11 man side.
Strong midfield performances from Kyle and Hayden also contributed to steming the first half goal scoring frenzy.

Under 13 Div 4 (4) vs Grange Thistle (1)

The score was certainly no indication of the game parents witnessed of these 10 boys today. It was an exciting game and even though we played one player down the entire game, the effort applied and play by the boys was exciting and inspiring.  Well done to the whole team for their dedication and determination today. Keep the momentum going boys.

Under 13 Div 4 (1) vs Mitchelton (4)

Today was always going to be a tough game for the boys, we knew we had no reserves and we also knew that a couple of the boys were recovering from sickness and injury. Despite these set backs the team delivered a very inspiring performance. What made it even more inspiring and really summed up their character was the way each of them positively handled the absolutely inexcusable and downright dangerous performance that was on display from start to finish. Both teams were subjected to this substandard performance, however the home side weren't Impacted as often nor was it as costly as it was for our boys.
I'm really proud of the boys that played today, they were subject to adversity across every aspect of the game and I hope they never experience what they did today again.
Kyle was the clear choice for man of the match today, his defence of the left side of the field was outstanding, well done Kyle, great game. Original Shaun, new Shaun, Harvey & Aiden really worked well together today, the through balls from the mids to the forwards was another highlight from todays game.
Well done team, you displayed truly great character today. 

Under 13 Div 4 (1) vs Mitchelton (4)

Not our best performance of the season, however the team showed once again that when they play their positions and put into play what we train, they can match it with anyone. We were looking like today was the day for another win, we were down 1 - 0 and then equalised thanks to some great team work, finished off beautifully by Aiden.
However from that point onwards our performance was very inconsistent, going into half time down 2 - 1.
The second half saw the opposition score two unanswered goals resulting in a 4 - 1 loss.
There were several players who played outstanding games and if not for their performance the end result would have been worse, Harvey & Original Shaun played outstanding games with Sam, Kyle, New Shaun and Coen also giving their best. A big thank you to our two U12/5 subs Nick & Zac, you were a huge help and were greatly appreciated. 

Under 13 Div 4 (2) vs Pine Hills (3)

A much improved performance from the team, saw us go so close to finishing the game with a draw.
However a 3 - 2 loss was the end result. This result whilst still a loss was a vast contrast to when we played this exact team less then two weeks ago and went down 7 - 1. 
We went into the half time break down 3 - 1, the team rallied in the second half and played the best football I've seen all season, despite this performance we just couldn't get another goal before the full time whistle blew.
Aiden played a brilliant game and scored both goals, his first goal was truly amazing, easily the best of the season. He was an easy choice for man of the match. Our new recruit Shaun played a very impressive game and will be a very welcome addition to our side. 
Finally a big thanks to Emmanuel who played his last game with us before moving on up to the big leagues.

Under 13 Div 4 (0) vs Taringa Rovers (3)

A much improved performance today despite going down 3 - 0. We kept them under control until a 10 minute period in the second half. We need to work hard on removing these undisciplined periods of play from our game. Apart from this period we played a very controlled style of play, which is pleasing to watch.
Overall I'm encouraged by the positive attitude displayed by all, well done team you continue to improve each game. Man of the match today went to Owen, you played your best game of the season to date today, you displayed all the qualities that make you such an entertaining player to watch. Well done mate, keep it up.
Well done also to Sam, Kyle and JL for playing yet another strong and committed game.

Under 13 Div 4 (1) vs Narangba United (0)

What a game!
The team took to the field knowing that all we have been missing is a good start, Every game prior was lost in the first half, with us never losing a second half, we knew that a solid first half was critical. Within ten minutes of kick off Owen delivered us the start we needed, a sensational left foot goal from outside the goal square saw us take a 1 - 0 lead. From there the score remained unchanged until full time. The boys dominated every section of the field, none more impressive though then in goals. Josh played the game of the season so far with a match winning performance, saving multiple difficult attempts and playing the perfect keepers game. 
The commitment to each other and the team as a whole was clearly on display today, communication, positional awareness & discipline were all the best I've seen to date. Despite Hayden being unable to play, he still turned up to cheer his team mates on, again reinforcing the players commitment to their team.
Great game team, you have one very proud coach.

Under 13 Div 4 (1) vs Albany Creek (5)

Wet game. Good try boys. Goal scored by Sean Mpofu.

We should never have gone into halftime down 0 - 4, the first 15 minutes was all in the opposition half. Our forwards had a couple of near misses before ACE scored a goal against the run of play, unfortunately a 10 minute period of complacency saw another 3 goals going into the back of our net. 

Again though, as the team has done all season, the first half was put behind us and the focus now was on improving our performance for the remaining 30  minutes.

With some aggressive attacking from Sean and another second half keeping performance from Harvey we managed to end the half drawing 1 goal a piece. Unfortunately the damage was again all done in the first half.

Well done again boys for never dropping your heads or giving up on each other.

Under 13 Div 4 (2) vs The Gap (5)

Good fair game. Goals scored by Aidan Hackett and Hayden Brooks. Well played team.

Another impressive second half by the boys in Red, down 0 - 3 at halftime the team rallied and focused on making the most of the half of football remaining. With a keeper change and restructure to the defending line-up the boys definitely had the most possession for the second half. The final result was 2 - 5, thanks to a 2 -2 draw for the half, the boys finished the game on a positive note.
Good strong second half performance team, well done.   

Under 13 Div 4 (2) vs Bardon Latrobe (3)

To be honest, things weren't looking very positive for us part way through the first half. A very physical Bardon side was dominating us all across the park, with the home side up 3 - 0  after 20 minutes of play it was looking like being a day to forget. The Lakes FC boys on the field however didn't share my thoughts, instead they re-grouped and took the game to Bardon, within minutes of half time we scored our 1st goal and went into the break down        3 -1. The second half was all TLFC, the boys matched Bardon's physical style of play and turned it up a notch, the home side was clearly rattled and for the first time in the game they were being dominated by a far more hungry and aggressive team. Once we scored our second goal it was looking as though we might just come away with a draw or even a win, however despite everyone's best efforts it wasn't to be. Despite both teams playing the most physical game of junior football I've seen, it was all done within the right spirit of the game. Just a good hard game of football. Like last weeks game we outplayed our opposition in the second half, we just need to start our games with the same intensity and positional play as we finish. Well done to man of the match Jean-Luc, who's performance in defence was text book perfect. Thanks also to the parents yesterday who really got behind our boys and more than matched their Bardon counterparts. Other players worthy of mention for making a real impact on the game were Harvey and Coen who both came close to taking home man of the match honours.


Under 13 Div 4 (1) vs Grange Thistle (2)

Within the first 10 minutes of play we were up 1 - 0, thanks to a very solid goal from Hayden.The next 5 minutes could have easily seen us put another 3 goals in the back of their net, however it wasn't to be, two shots drifted just wide of the net with another hitting the crossbar. Unfortunately our lack of match fitness & positional awareness became an issue from then on. Ideally todays game would have been the teams 4th of the season, however it was only our second and after 15 minutes it started to show. We went into half time down 1 - 2. To the boys credit they remained positive, supportive of each other and focused on improving their team play.
The second half saw neither team score and the game finished with the score as it was at half time.
The second half saw the boys starting to work as a complete team, not just a team of strikers, midfielders and defenders all working as separate teams, for me that was the most positive aspect of the game.
Overall, well done to all of you for not dropping your heads once and for working on improving the team.

Under 13 Div 4 (3) vs Taringa Rovers (6)

Playing away on a hot afternoon with no subs is always going to result in a challenging game for any team, let alone a team who had never played together before.
Going into half time down 4 - 1 didn't diminish any players confidence in their teams ability to perform, this was evident by drawing the second half 2 goals a piece.
Well done team for a gutsy and determined second half performance, a great result in the end to only go down by three against a home side playing with 4 subs.
Goals: Aidan Hackett x 2, Owen Johnson x 1.
Man of the match: Emmanuel Vaafusuaga

Under 13 Div 4 (3) vs Taringa Rovers U13 Div 4 Nth (6)

Great game, closer then score appears. No subs on the day, so great effort by The Lakes in very hot conditions.
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