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2018 Laws of the Game

In 2018 there will be a new edition of the Laws of the Game. 

Laws  Of the  Game 2017 18
This edition includes a very large number of changes. All coaches, parents and players are encouraged to download the new Laws of the Game and to work through Football Federation Australia's online training on the Laws of the Game.

This online training is mandatory for all referees in 2018.


2018 Under 12 Competition Rules

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In 2018, Football Federation Australia has introduced a new playing format for Under 12 players. This is a new format that is being applied across the country in all FFA competitions. It is based upon formats used in Europe and encourages players to be more involved in the game and to have more touches on the ball. Click here to download the 2018 Under 12 Playing Format and Rules.

2018 ALDI MiniRoos Playing Formats and Rules

Screen  Shot 2018- 03- 10 at 5. 45. 58 pmALDI Miniroos competitions are for players from Under 6 to Under 11. Games are played on small sided fields with reduced numbers of players on the field. The Playing Formats are based on the concept of children learning from playing and field sizes ensure every player get the maximum opportunity to play with many touches of the ball. Click here to download the ALDI Miniroos Playing Formats and Rules.


The Offside rule is one of the least understood laws in football. This short video explains the offside law and how it is applied.

Law 9 - Ball in and out of Play

Ball over the lineThis law is one of the most mis-understood laws of the game. Coaches, Managers and Parents are often heard criticising referees and assistant referees about the ball being out. Despite this confusion, Law 9 has the fewest words in the entire law book.

1. Ball out of play
The ball is out of play when:
• it has wholly passed over the goal line or touchline on the ground or in the air 
• play has been stopped by the referee 
2. Ball in play
The ball is in play at all other times, including when it rebounds off a match official, goalpost, crossbar or corner flagpost and remains in the field of play

To be out of play, the whole of the ball needs to be over the whole of the line. This image is from the Laws of The Game and is used to explain when a goal is scored (Law 10). The same explanation can be used for the ball being in and out of play.

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