Summer 6s

Senior Summer 6's

Senior summer 6's. 

See below the table for the Senior Summer 6 tournament as it stands after the group stage. 
Congratulations Norfolk Enhance FC for topping the table.  The draw for the finals is below.  

final standing

rest of season draw

Junior Summer 6's.

Final standing for the Junior Summer-6-a-side is in the table below.
Note: The finals for the juniors will be played as 
6:00pm Field 1 5th V 6th
6:00pm Field 2 7th V 8th
6:45pm Field 1 1st V 2nd
6:45pm Field 2 3rd V 4th

final standing junior

Summer- 6s- 20016

The Lakes FC Is running a Summer 6s program from October to December 2016.  It is a social football format played on smaller fields. Teams are six-a-side with unlimited interchange during the match; each match consists of two equal periods of 15 minutes, with a brief half-time interval for teams to change ends. A maximum of 10 players can register for any one team.

Truly “Football for Everyone”, this program is perfect for current players who want to keep active over the summer, those who have played but don’t have time to dedicate to a full winter season or individuals who just want to have some fun with friends. It is also a great opportunity for new participants to begin playing football in a fun and social setting.

The program includes Under 6 to Under 11 players on Tuesday nights;
Under 12 to Under 16 on Wednesday nights and
Opens (players 17 years of age and older) on Friday nights.

All games are played at The Lakes College - 2 College Street North Lakes.

Game kick off times for Tuesday nights are 5:30pm; 6:15pm and 7:00pm

Game Kick off times for Wednesday and Friday nights are 6:00pm; 6:45pm and 7:30pm

Registration fees are $82.50 per person (including GST). Each team must have 6 to 10 players.

You can nominate your team name when you register or nominate players that you want to play with. Alternatively, we will assemble individuals into teams if you leave this part of the form blank.

Summer 6s is a separate competition run by Football Qld and as such once you have paid your fees through The Lakes FC, Football Qld then require you to register by going to with your FFA number and Register for the Summer 6’s program attached to The Lakes Football Club.

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